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Bluezotod | Laundromat

A Rory Gallagher Tribute

open: 21:00u
aanvang: 22:00u
sluit: 02:00u
leeftijd: 18+

Laundromat, the Dutch Rory Gallagher tribute band, have been on the road for the past twelve years keeping the music and memory of the great Irish bluesman alive.

The inspiration for the formation of Laundromat arose out of a contact from Klaas and Annet Spijker (Cafe Taste) to Danny Vlaspoel in June 2000. After two very successful Rory Gallagher tributes in Leeuwarden they were looking for new bands, in particular for a Dutch band to perform 100% Rory music., Danny, a Rory fan since the age of 14 who had seen the Man perform quite a few times, was pleased and honoured to take on the challenge. Leeuwarden 2001 was the launch-pad for the new band and they were absolutely delighted with the reception to their 10 songs /one hour set from an audience of seasoned Gallagher fans from Ireland, Germany, England, Belgium, Scotland, Norway and the Netherlands.

They were really struck by the depth of enthusiasm and warmth of the response. As the audience sang along with every song and hung on every note they felt that this was something very special.

There was almost a spiritual feeling about the great influence of one man – Rory Gallagher.